Fire Investigation Society of Korea

화재의 환경적 물리적, 화학적, 구조적 배경에 관한 과학적 감식과 조사체계의 구체화 및 인적, 물적 손실의
예방과 안전화의 학문과 기술발전을 도모하고, 산,학,연 정의 상호교류를 통한 화재조사 및 감식의 전문화와
함께 소방관련 정책방향 발전에 공헌하며, 소방 분야 종사자들 간의 정보교환의 장과 사기양양 및 친목도모를
그 목적으로 한다.


pISSN: 2092-531X

한국화재감식학회 학회지 (2018)

사회 관계망 서비스(SNS) 문제로 인한 살인방화사건 감식기법에 관한 연구





Arson should be tried to find the real truth of the arson(murder) fire incident where human casualties are frequent in that the arson rate is much higher than other fire. In addition, fire investigators need to pay close attention to identifying the cause of the fire, and a professional and scientific fire investigation infrastructure is needed to identify the cause. Recently, the addition of the severity of arson has increased not only for the original reasons such as grudge and retribution but also for the fire because of social network services (SNS). However, in the court, arson crime is not guilty because of insufficient evidence It is a reality. Arson is one of the five major violent crimes. As the criminal nature of the crime is strong, it is decided by the investigating agency to determine whether or not to fire according to the investigation result. However, even in the case of firefighting first approaching the fire scene, There is a need to carry out investigations based on investigations on preservation, human, material and environment. In this study is to investigate the effects of SNS on arson incidents in Korea. Fire investigators were asked to analyze the motives of arson, murder motives, general forensics for criminal cases, fingerprints, I would like to suggest the investigation(identification) method through case studies.

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