Fire Investigation Society of Korea

화재의 환경적 물리적, 화학적, 구조적 배경에 관한 과학적 감식과 조사체계의 구체화 및 인적, 물적 손실의
예방과 안전화의 학문과 기술발전을 도모하고, 산,학,연 정의 상호교류를 통한 화재조사 및 감식의 전문화와
함께 소방관련 정책방향 발전에 공헌하며, 소방 분야 종사자들 간의 정보교환의 장과 사기양양 및 친목도모를
그 목적으로 한다.


pISSN: 2092-531X

한국화재감식학회 학회지 (2020)

DOI : 10.31345/fisk.2020.11.4.5

비밀폐계에서 CO2 소화에 영향을 미치는 인자에 관한 연구 : 선박화재 사례에서







In the ship fire, the initial fire extinguishing is very important because evacuation space is limited. Large ships are equipped with various extinguishing devices such as portable and fixed extinguishing equipment. The CO2 extinguishing equipment which lowers the oxygen density is one of the devices used in the ship fires. In actually, when a lot of fires occur in the engine room of a ship, a CO2 extinguishing system is often used to extinguish the fire. However, there is a space in the ship that can not be sealed in a large space such as a cargo storage compartment. The fire often occur in cargo compartments. In general, it is understood that CO2 extinguishing must be used in sealed spaces to be effective. Almost studies on the effectiveness of CO2 extinguishing systems for ship fires have been conducted only in a completely closed system such as an engine room. At present, studies on the effectiveness of CO2 extinguishing when there is no closed system has been insufficient. If the initial suppression of the fire is not successful, the combustion will increase, making it difficult to identify the exact cause of the fire. It is important to identify the cause of all fires, but especially for ship fires, it is very important to extinguish the fire early in order to identify the cause of fire. Therefore, in this paper, we analyzed the factors affecting CO2 extinguishing in an unsealed space based on the case of ship fire and investigated the effectiveness of CO2 extinguishing by approximating actual fire cases.

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